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COVID-19 Updates

With the most recent update on the 16th of April, we are now looking forward to what Level 3 will look like for us! It has not yet been announced that we are defiantly moving into Level 3 on Wednesday the 22nd of April but we want to keep you updated as much as we can. As crazy as it seems we do not get any information faster than the general public and neither does the Ministry Of Education. The Prime Minister has announced changes in which the Ministry of Education must adapt to the announcements and then inform us of what that looks like for home-based childcare. Only then can we make a plan, make changes and alert the Playschool Family of the next steps!

As soon as we have more information then we will update the information accordingly which can be found on our website and also emailed to you. We appreciate your patience during this time while we wait to hear what level 3 looks like. Please find this website as a reference for now –https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3/

Newsletter – April 2020

COVID-19 Updates

New Care Arrangements for Essential Workers

Initially, the Ministry of Education had approved 3 Home Based Care providers to continue to provide home-based childcare for essential workers with some tight restrictions around the ‘bubble’. This has since been updated and more services can now offer support.

Since our last update on the 29th March, we have been provided with new guidelines around who is able to offer support to Essential Workers and the requirements around this – The great news is that Playschool Education is now able to support you as an essential worker! The new guidelines around this clearly state that only Educators that are already registered with Playschool can become part of the scheme. Unfortunately, NO new Educators can be inducted during the lockdown.

We understand there may be some confusion as guidelines and policies are updating constantly and we are working hard to keep you updated with the most relevant information. We have seen conflicting information on social media by other Home-Based providers, however, we can confirm the information in this update is the most current after speaking directly with the MOE.

Regarding the subsidy for essential workers that the Government is offering, Playschool has been approved to access this on behalf of any essential worker’s care arrangement, however, this applies only for NEW arrangements. This does not extend to changes in any current care arrangements, i.e. increased hours because kindy/daycare is close. If you are unsure then please get in touch.

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